Doom – PlayStation 2 Port


Update 28/2/09:

Cosmito has been doing a lot of addition work on my quick PS2 port of doom lately, recently adding sound support. To keep updated on the latest PS2Doom changes, check Cosmitos website.

Original post:

Doom by id Software appears to available for every platform known to man, except for the PlayStation 2. So I wondered how long it would take to port it over to PS2 and the answer to that question turned out to be less than 3 hours. Using the PS2 port of SDL, gsKit (SDL requires it for video) and PS2SDK, all available from ps2dev on GitHub and a SDL port of Doom available here, I managed to get a very basic (read: hackish) port of Doom running on the PS2 without much effort.

I’ve only tested the port over PS2Link and it will most likely not run from a CD-R. There is no sound, however there is support for sound in PS2 SDL, but does not appear to work with Doom and I have not investigated the cause. Saving and loading of games works, as they just save to host/PC. The DualShock controls are as follow (USB keyboard and mouse are untested)

Left Analog Stick : Move
Cross             : Enter
Square/R1         : CTRL / Fire
Circle/R2         : Space / Open doors
Triangle          : Escape
L1                : x
L2                : y
L1 and L2 are for entering savegame names

I will not continue to work on this port, it was just a quick nostalgic proof of concept port.

Download (includes shareware data)

Get the source code at GitHub


Follow this thread for further work on this port.

Update 2:

A PS2 port by Jason Yu with sound effect support has surfaced. I’ve compiled the source into a single ELF with the DOOM shareware data included, which should run from CD-ROM, USB, etc (not tested). Included in the archive is also a ps2-packer compressed version of DOOM.ELF named DOOMP.ELF.